Featured in Yelp Manchester’s ‘Indian Eats Cheat Sheet’

This & That has been featured in Yelp Manchester’s ‘Weekly Yelp’, this time in their ‘Indian Eats Cheat Sheet’..! Check it out by clicking here!

Thanks for the support, Yelp! Here’s a recent review from the site courtesy of Andrew Y, who gave us a generous (but well deserved) 4/5 stars!

This & That is one of those no-frills type of places that serve good food. If  you like a curry, I recommend going.

As Jess. S has mentioned it can’t be a little hard to find as its down as small side street. But if you do go, do as Jess said and head for Trof and its down the side street to your left.

I’ve been to This & That a few times. I have always just got a takeaway – which you get your curry in a foil tray. Different curries are on, on different days. You get a few different meat curries and some veg curries and the total cost depends on your combo of 3 curries.

Although I do like a curry, I am not really an expert in it. By this I mean that I don’t really know the differences in curries and what they look like and if they are tomato based or coconut based etc. I just know if it tastes good or not!

The last time I came here I went for the 2 meats and 1 veg option. I went for the lamb curry, chicken curry and the spinach curry. And this on top of some rice. The first time I came here I fought I would still be hungry but its filling.

The curry has always tasted good no matter which one I have chosen. It may not be the best curry in the world but quite possibly the best value for money.

I also got an onion bhaji too. They asked if I wanted it heated up in the microwave but I said no. (When I got home, I put it under the grill to heat/crisp it up :)).