More lovely TripAdvisor reviews!

Thanks to everyone who took the time to comment on our TripAdvisor page – with your help we’re rising through the rankings for the best Indian restaurant in Manchester! 🙂

Meeksy1972 said:

Great out of the way cafe serving delicious authentic Indian food.Small but charming! Staff very friendly and you can eat with your fingers. Definitely pay a visit!

lululapagaille said:

We had a great lunch there. Veggie Rice and three, onion bahji, veggie samossa. Great value for the quality and quantity. The seating area is great wether You’re with someone or alone. The staff bring jugs of water. The food is spicy and delicious! Thanks a lot !

Mark W said:

Fantastic authentic food at a great price. Ignore the decor and concentrate in the food – amazing – and the amount of customers using it shows how popular it is – will be back many more times!

davidmlowe said:

Ive been eating here for around 25 years albeit it seems ages since my last visit / review. So long in fact they have carried out a little refurbishment. Gone are the 70′ style fixed plastic tables / chairs replaced with wooden tables and benches and thankfully they still have the stools and worktop / bar style counter you can sit and eat at. The floor is also wood laminate and I like the light fittings complete with galvanised conduit on show, all very ‘Northern Quarter’ There also appears a little more space whilst waiting in line than before, maybe at the expense of seating numbers but there was still plenty of room as long as you are not fussed who you are sat next to. The menu appears the same with a ‘rice and three’ starting at around £3.50 rising in price if you select all meat dishes as opposed to vegetarian. The original guy serving (white coat, traditional muslim hat and beard who I liked because he always remembered me and was smiling every time) has been replaced by a much younger guy, maybe its his son or some relative? I’m not too sure what the reason was but it appeared fairly slow waiting in line, I only remember waiting very little time, even when queueing from the door, however this was definitely slower. They appeared to be serving (best guess) around 30% in the away tins, which may slow things up a bit and I did feel the restaurant albeit busy was not as packed as last time. All leads to me thinking they may be catering more for take out than they used to? To sum up its still excellent, tasty, authentic asian cuisine and great value for money. I also like the fact that you can be in and out within 20 mins easy, so if your in a rush and fed up of sandwiches, in need of a hot lunch its a great choice. A warning.. PLEASE PLEASE don’t be put off by the awful state of the street that its located on. if you walk down Soap Street its littered with bins, broken bottles, litter , dead pigeons, you name it it looks like a film set from the Bronx! But real, don’t worry its very safe (for those out of town visiting) and its NO reflection on the quality of food or cleanliness of the restaurant itself. In over 25 years Ive never had a bad tummy / meal. If you want a quick tasty meal that great value its definitely worth a visit

Bob W said:

Been going here since 1982 best curry in Manchester n cheap as chips .Staff excellent n always a friendly atmosphere and you always see same faces just shows people come back for more n more

Ian H said:

Best curry house in Manchester. You don’t get better… Original 3 curry and rice. Can recommend everything they serve.

Nafficionado said:

The original 3 and rice curry venue in Manchester. Great for a quick, cheap, satisfying and authentic curry. Don’t be put off by the appearance!

ManchesterPigdog said:

how a curry should be, very tasty, very simple, very good value for money. Been here a long time you wouldn’t even know it was there so go find it

iyer_kaushik said:

Far better than some of the pricey places you visit for Indian food. For under 5 pounds you can eat a hearty and satisfying meal. Though the first look of the place can be a put off, but once you have tasted the food, and seen the prices, you will easily forgive that. definitely visit this place for Rice and 3 in Manchester. it is pretty close to Arndale shopping centre.

Chris L said:

Brilliant as always, nothing better than having a big curry for brunch.

As always well recommended please try it and don’t worry about surroundings.

ChCath said (and don’t worry – our veggie curries are vegan!):

Great for grabbing a great curry before a concert or a gig. Indian cafe style, welcoming, friendly and great value. Only negative was that one of us is a purist vegan – which is why we’d come along in the first place – and she wasn’t at all clear how mixed up the vegetable curries might have got mixed up with the lamb and chicken. But a great place all the same, unless you are a vegan, and we will certainly be back!

Nicola C said:

Run by friendly, smiling people serving up delicious food, we had two meals & two onion bhajis for £10.80 with a complementary jug of water with lots of veggie & meat options to suit us both. The place itself is basic with plastic tables & chairs but it doesn’t pretend to be anything it’s not… just great food for a great price. Hidden at the side of Trof on Thomas St in the Northern Quarter I didn’t know it was there but now that I do it’s gonna be a regular place to go for a quick tasty meal.