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Thanks to everyone who takes the time to give us a mention! We’re Manchester’s secret haven of authentic home-cooked curry – swing on by at lunchtime!

Benny S Said:
great food not overpriced .Good choices .Not the Your high class curry house but I go on the fact good value for money good service .Really get a good amount for Your money .I would use this place and also take other friends and family .hand on heart .

AR1712 Said:
Went to This and That today.
Had 3 veggie curries and rice for £3.60.
Yes, you read the price correctly.
Tasty food.
Fills you up.
Have been a few times always on a Saturday.
Only gripe is that I can only get there on a Saturday and they have set menus for the week so I always end up with the same 3 veggie curries.

diskmandave Said:
In a hidden back street of Manchester’s Northern Quater, this certainly is a little hidden gem, home cooked Asian food at it’s best.

DurhamPitLad Said:
The place looks a shocker from outside, a back alley curry house, first impressions not good.

Inside isn’t too much better to be honest, very basic – it was clean though.

However the food on show looked fantastic and the queues speak for themselves.
The locals know where to go and they go here.
We popped in about 6pm on Saturday and most places were not busy – this was chocker block.

I had an onion bhaji, a plat eof 3 meat with rice, chapati and a can of coke and it cost about £6 – great value.
The food was super tasty and the queues say it all.

Give it a try – different yes, tasty yes.

woozie01 Said:
Don’t be put off by the appearance. Tasty curries & the onion bhaji’s are fab. The place was verey busy but we were served very quickly. Not a place to go if you want a romantic meal but the quality is very good & cheap too.

Jimmy S Said:
Looks a bit rough from the outside but don’t be put off. Cheap, tasty curries. Very reasonable prices. It’s not the place for a romantic meal but if you want a good curry at a good price this is the place. Always busy, which is a good sign and means a constant turnover of food. More of a cafe than restaurant but one of my favourites in Manchester

Johnny9111 Said:
Situated in the back streets of the Northern Quarter, this is the cheap eats curry place to head too. My Bro introduced me to the place about 10 years ago and I’ve loved it ever since.

Does what it says on the tin. Apart from the wafts of gorgeous smells pumped out in to the alley way by the kitchen extractor, the first thing you notice is the bolted down, six seated plastic chairs and tables and the queue lined up to be served. Decor isn’t the best, but it’s perfectly suited for the experience, I guess the second thing i would notice is how much of a melting pot the place is. Suits doing a business lunch, students chowing down, families sharing a meal. The atmosphere is really good!

So head up to join the queue and you’ll notice the laminated menu. Each days different, with special attention to Nehari Sunday, Love it!

Lamb and Turnip is also sweet!!

Grab a plate and then just ask for a laden full of each curry your after. Hit the till and load up with onions, fresh coriander and green chillies. Order a few chapattis that will shortly arrive by the dumb waiter, maybe pick up an onion bhargi and you are good to go!

Settle in for the ride. don’t go before an important meeting. You will gorge yourself because everything tastes so good, leading to a sleep inducing food coma!

I like this place so much i drove into town on New Year’s eve to buy our curry for the evening to have with some bubbles.

ebleta Said:
It’s a little place more like a canteen. Every day is different menu. And it’s ready to eat- no need to wait until it’s being cooked. Chicken curry with rice and vegetables was only 4.20! And free water to go with it.
Very cheap and tasty.

Lauren W Said:
You really are in and out in 10 mins, easy really nice an tasty curries! And so reasonable. Will deffo be nipping back in again soon!

Young-Mostonians Said:
This a fantastic ‘in and out’ place for all curry lovers, it’s definitely NOT for the kind of people that want to sit people watching in a pretentious overpriced place, but this adds to the charm of This And That.

Me and the wife did a bit of Christmas shopping mid- December, and we needed somewhere quick before we picked the kids up from school. Think cafe type place with pots of specials of the day. For around a fiver each we picked up a three & rice each. The curries are not like Indian takeaway vindaloo/madras dishes, more like chatt and Bombay alou plates.

6 curries, 2 rice, a jug of (free) water, a chapatti, plus a baji all at around the £12 mark. Really good value

You’ll notice a lot of the local Asian people eat in here, always a good sign. Definitely not a nighttime place where you want to be wined and dined, but great for a quick curry fix

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