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Manc vs Food – March 2013
“Everybody who knows Manchester, knows This and That. And everybody who knows This and That, loves This and That. It’s a diamond.” – January 2014
“At getting on for 30 years old, This & That is a dinosaur in catering terms but one that has thrived while the neighbourhood has changed around it.”

The Guardian – April 2013
“It’s a no-frills joint, but the food is fresh, homemade and uses whole spices to give the dishes the kind of wallop of flavour that you wouldn’t normally expect at a sub-£5 price”

Time Out – October 2014
“The dodgy decor only serves to emphasise the quality of the curries and snacks”

The Skinny
“Whatever you choose, you’re guaranteed a huge portion and extremely good value for the cheap price you’ll be paying.”

North West Nosh – January 2013
“But it’s not the atmosphere, the surroundings or even the fellow diners, that draws the crowds – it’s the cheap, tasty, food that This and That churn out so quickly.”

Pies and Fries – May 2013
“While the basic seating, fluorescent lighting and slightly dingy back alley setting may not to be to everyone’s taste, a meal here is about the best way to legally spend a fiver that I can think of. People Manchester, forgo the curled up sarnies and getting down here for a proper lunchtime feed.”